About Us  

Tilley Doors have been in existence in KwaZulu Natal for approximately over 35 years. We have proven to be the "Leading Garage Door Manufacturing in KwaZulu Natal" for the past 20 years.


At Tilley Doors we manufacture, install, service and repair all types of domestic and industrial garage doors including:


Roller shutters
Horizontal and vertical sliders
Transformer room doors


We carry a 1 year guarantee on mechanism and workmanship.


We have been awarded numerous large contracts and have been sub-contracted to (or are currently sub-contracted to) these FF companies:


Group 5 Stevenson
J T Ross
Ethetkwini Municipality
Stocks Housings
Steffanutti & Bressan


We have also completed various contracts for fibreglass doors such as St Michaels in Shelly Beach


Our Director, Sales, Admin, Production and Installation teams are all from the PDI group and we employ full affirmative action policies and take pleasure in being one of the only BEE door manufacturing companies in South Africa.