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Roller Shutter Doors

Tilley roller shutter doors are constructed from curtains formed of 0.8mm galvanised steel, and contain the following features:

Double angle stiffening bottom bar riveted to bottom slat.
Heavy steel spring-barrel shaft with adjustable oil tempered helical balance, supported on mild steel brackets and bolted to steelwork/concrete.
Bolts with high grade ball bearings at each end of the shaft and enclosed in a mild steel canopy.
Guides formed from 3mm thick x 75mm deep galvanised steel channels.


Tilley doors are able to supply the following operating methods for Roller Mesh grilles and Roller Shutter doors:

Push-up Operation
For smaller doors, convenient handles can be supplied and fitted to the bottom bar. The system is suitable for doors with a maximum area not exceeding 8 sq.m.

Continuous Chain Operation

Suitable for doors between 8 and 20sqm. The door is fitted with a spur gear and chain wheel and operated by means of a continuous calibrated chain from floor level. Provision is made for padlocking via a keep fitted to a channel The operating system can be mounted on the left or right hand side of the door and uses reduction gearing to give a lighter action.

Crank Operation
Suitable far shutters between 8 and 30sqm. The system operates via a crown wheel and pinion and allows crank operation from floor level. The handle is removable and provision is made for padlocking. Reduction gearing is provided at the crown wheel and gear box.
The crank handle can be operated internally or externally from the left or right hand side and the cranks are removable. Where the cranks are offset to the side, universals are provided at the top and bottom of the drive shaft.

Automatic operation is availabe for all of the above systems

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